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“Everyone who works with Katie is blown away by her diligence and determination. And it is these skills, alongside her humility and eagerness to learn, and her fine intuitive choreographic eye, that make her an artist to watch out for in the months and years to come.”
Lou Cope, Dramaturg

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Independent Multidisciplinary Choreographer: stage...film...audio...installation 

Creative Arts Producer



Whether I am choreographing, teaching, performing or producing I am driven by opportunities to connect with other artists and to use the arts as a mechanism for impacting people’s lives. Over the last two years I have gained the support of multiple highly recognised funders and commissioners including receiving:

  • Three Grants for the Arts,
  • An acquisition by Channel 4,
  • An Ignition Catalyst Fund,
  • The Point Associate Artist 2018/19
  • Brighton Dance Network Featured Artist recognition (2015-2017),
  • And by being supported by the South East Dance Emerging Artist Programme (2015-2016).


I am always on the lookout for new opportunities and am open to discussing new projects. Please feel free to get in touch.

Instagram Opportunities: @kde_danceopportunities 


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Cross-genre dance and film artist:

Katie is inspired by real encounters and experiences and is interested in investigating and pushing the boundaries of where choreography can exist working, across multiple mediums including, dance, film and audio design. She is excited by the influence that context has on the creation and reception of her work, her practice involving making work for conventional spaces, as well as site-specific and unusual spaces. She has a strong interest in working with both professional performers and non-performers, as well as creating opportunities for her choreography to be engaged with by community groups. She has previously facilitated workshops for Brighton Dance Network, MapDance 2016, members of Three Score Dance Company and is an Arts Award Advisor. As a company she is keen to work with people who have never collaborated on dance projects before. She has previously hired BAFTA awarded sound designer Tom Sayers as an example who has since worked on further live performance sound design. She also offers student placement opportunities. Her work has been reviewed as encounters that spark new conversations and is accessible for both established dance audiences as well as those new to dance.


Creative Arts Producer:

Katie is interested in producing projects that help to improve people’s lives for the better and provide opportunity for anyone to engage with dance and the arts. She has produced her own projects, currently working on a small-scale tour of three of her works Digital Tattoo, Digital Tattoo: Artefact 1 and Conversations About the Digital around the South East and West of England alongside an educational strand. She also produces and project assists on other companies’ creative projects, including producing and facilitating for Rounded Rhythm’s inclusive dance company Dance INC and project assististing upon The Drive Project’s The Art of Recovery.

Katie graduated with a First Class Honours in Choreography from Falmouth University in 2014.

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