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Cassy Fry – Dance Review: Digital Tattoo
Can you imagine wearing your web presence on your flesh? Having Facebook photographs and Google searches imprinted on you for all
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Guest blog from resident artist Katie-Dale Everett
It has been proposed that our digital information will last longer than we will ourselves in the flesh. The average
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Lou Cope – Postcards From The Outside Of The Inside
Well, I guess the beginning has begun! I’ve made my first steps into the world of South East Dance and
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Digital Tattoo
Digital Tattoo Tribe Magazine
tribe: When did you first come up with the concept for Digital Tattoo? Digital Tattoo: The concept for Digital Tattoo
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Pact with Pointlessness – Written by Katie Dale-Everett
‘Pact with Pointlessness’ by Wendy Houstoun Brighton Dome Studio Theatre Tuesday 14th April 2015, 8pm. What do you expect when
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Digital Tattoo by Katie Dale-Everett
In a society that is becoming increasingly obsessed with the digital, I am interested as a choreographer in exploring our
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