Photography by Naomi Fitzsimmons


Image. Naomi Fitzsimmons

Blast/Bless is a work by artist Naomi Fitzsimmons. Commissioned as part of the UCL Art Museum Residency, the work was a contemporary reading and reenactment of the Vorticist Manifesto and other readings found in ‘Blast’ a publication written and published by Wyndham Lewis in 1914. Focusing on the visual techniques used within the Manifesto to seduce its reader, ‘Blast/Bless’ looked at the correlation between the art movement and contemporary political rhetoric. With the emphasis of the Vorticist movement being on establishing a British art movement separate to Europe, the performance explored its relevance to our current political context and allowed audience members to not only reflect on what was being said but state their agreement or disagreement using Blast/Bless voting paddles.


Created by Naomi Fitzsimmons

Performed by Katie Dale-Everett and others

Performed at UCL Art Museum, 2016

Image. Naomi Fitzsimmons