Conversations About the Digital

Image. Luke Lebihan

Conversations About the Digital is an audio interactive work that instructs participants to answer questions and to carry out tasks in connection to their individual thoughts around and interaction with the digital. The work brings together reflections on the digital from both Digital Immigrants (those born before the boom of digital technology) & Digital Natives (those born post digital boom) sharing their concerns and thoughts around privacy, control, identity, interaction and the Right to be Forgotten.

Choreographed by Katie Dale-Everett

Sound Design by Tom Sayers

Instructive Voice Artist Chloe Bishop

Other Voices members of the public


Originally made for Brighton Dance Network’s Annual Showcase 2016 as part of their Featured Artist Scheme, Dome Studio Theatre.


Touring, 2017. Please see tour dates.

Previous tour dates:

The Circle Arts Centre, Friday, 21st April 2017.