Photography by Luke Lebihan

Park Bench Dance Theatre

Image. Tim Garrod

Park Bench Dance Theatre is a small-scale contemporary dance company based in Sussex who create accessible dance for different locations. Choreographed by Rosanna Garrod Park Bench Dance Theatre are currently revisiting an untilted work originally created to be performed in The Dance Trail, Brighton Fringe (2016), turning it into a dance on camera.



Three friends meet for a meal. As they wait they chat and catch up, their conversations becoming animated as they start to see their surroundings in a new light.. Exploring this private, yet very much exposed corner, they squeeze into the corner and try to touch the ceiling.


Choreographed by Rosanna Garrod

Performed by Chloe Bishop, Katie Dale-Everett and Sara Johnson

Performed in The Dance Trail, Brighton Fringe, 2016