The Drive Project

Image. Katie Dale-Everett

The Royal British Legion’s Bravo 22 Company was created by Alice Driver in 2011 using theatre as a vehicle for recovery. Following this success the Bravo 22 Company has extended the scope of its programming to include art to help improve self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem and motivation in order to move wounded, injured and sick personnel, veterans and their family members along their individual paths to recovery.

The Art of Recovery was created in partnership with the Royal British Legion, The Dive Project and Phoenix Brighton. Led by Sculptor Al Johnson The Art of Recovery focused on sculpture and over a 4-week course the group considered body language and symbolism in order to develop individual life size sculptures that represented their experience. During the course, workshops were also ran at Blind Veterans, creating smaller scale models. This all culcumated in an exhibition at Phoenix Brighton.

Project Assistant Katie Dale-Everett
Photography Katie Dale-Everett and others.
The Art of Recovery, Phoenix Brighton 2016