Virtual You

Virtual You is an exciting and engaging new Arts Council England funded project for secondary schools, youth centres and young people delving into creative conversations around social media


We now live in a world where each new generation grows up in an increasingly more digital society. Virtual You brings into question and conversation how we utilise social media and how we think about and use our online presence.

Made for secondary schools, this tailorable programme combines interaction, shadow-play, poems and dance and is applicable to dance, PSHE, ICT, Media, Art, Drama and Creative Writing students. It can be engaged with during school timetable, fitting into a school lesson, a full day of activity or after school with invited parents as audience as well.

From creative workshops, discussions to performances, this unique programme provide a refreshing route into opening up important discussions about different scenarios young people could find themselves when engaging on social media, including bullying, grooming and social pressures.

Performance at Castle View Academy 

Menu 1: How far would you go to be liked?

Inviting audience interaction, this menu asks the audience to interact with and influence the outcomes for two people whilst exploring what our desire to be liked might make us do.

Young people interacting with the dancers in Menu 2 

Menu 2: How true is the you you present to the world?

Utilising creative shadow work this visually beautiful menu explores image, boundaries, social pressures and real and virtual relationships, asking where does the true you sit within all this?

Both menus are approximately 25 minutes in length. They can be programmed together or separately and work well with an after performance discussion.

Student from Brookfield Community School

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Virtual You has been supported by:

Arts Council England National Lottery Funding,

The Point,




Magpie Dance

Photography by Jane Russel and Castle View Academy