Photography by Tim Garrod

Projects & Works

Photo by Sarah Kemball
Image. Sarah Kemball Starting used what each performer thought was their personal limitation to find a potential for performance. Consisting
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Photography Found Footage
Cheap Imitation
  Cheap Imitation is the outcome of the filmmakers questioning of authorship. Selecting found footage that reflects the structuring of
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Photography by Jamie Swarbrick
Image. Jamie Swarbrick Intimate is a screen based work by film maker Sophie Newton exploring the process of becoming comfortable
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Why Do I Dream of the Sea
Image. Katie Dale-Everett Why Do I Dream of the Sea? plays with breaking the illusion of reality often used in
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_Photography by Katie Dale-Everett_2013
Infinitus Artificum
Image. Yenz Meisner Infinitus Artificum is a two and three dimensional animation film portraying the emotions of joy, fear and
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Your Body, My Body: A Live Installation
Image. Emma Talbot Your Body, My Body: A Live Installation is a work that came about from a collaboration with
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Experiment 1
Image. Jono Whitehead Experiment 1 looks at how the body copes with repetitive, strenuous movements or the addition of a
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The Difference Is..?
Image. Emma Talbot The Difference Is..? is a work that came about from a collaboration with dance artist Sam Gilroy
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Katie Dale-Everett Dance
The Bauer Project Revisited
Image. Katie Dale-Everett The Bauer Project Revisited is a solo work devised during and for the international dance festival Abundance.
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Image. Katie Dale-Everett Co-choreographed with dance artist Sam Gilroy, Duet is a short exploring the duetting relationship between a live
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