Photography by Luke Lebihan
Park Bench Dance Theatre
Image. Tim Garrod Park Bench Dance Theatre is a small-scale contemporary dance company based in Sussex who create accessible dance
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Photography by Tim Garrod
Image. Tim Garrod BELONGING(s) is a site-specific promenade performance by Tilted Productions, choreographed by Maresa von Stockert in which she
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Photography by UCL
Covenant To Myself and Society
Image. UCL Artist Naomi Fitzsimmons was commissioned by the UCL Culture Department to create a work that supported the launch
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Photography by Naomi Fitzsimmons
Image. Naomi Fitzsimmons Blast/Bless is a work by artist Naomi Fitzsimmons. Commissioned as part of the UCL Art Museum Residency,
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Crossings and Roundabouts KDE Dance
Crossings and Roundabouts
Image. Emma Liisa Bryans Commissioned by Brighton Dance Network, choreographer Masha Gurina created Crossings and Roundabouts, an intergenerational dance work
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Photography by Amber Tanc
Image. Amber Tanc For Brighton Fringe 2015, choreographer Ceyda Tanc formed a new associate dance company, creating a new work
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Photography By Tristán Pérez-Martín
Barcelona International Dance Exchange
Image. Tristán Pérez-Martín Katie attended BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange) in 2014 after receiving a scholarship to attend. Whilst there
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Photography by Naomi Fitzsimmons
Image. Naomi Fitzsimmons Switchboard is a work created by artist Naomi Fitzsimmons that draws on themes from Haruki Murakami’s novel,
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Photography By Tim Garrod
Images. Tim Garrod Choreographer Jason Keenan-Smith was commissioned by Brighton Dance Network to explore what can be made over a
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Photography by Public
Bodies In Urban Spaces
Image. Member of public Bodies In Urban Spaces highlights the rules and restrictions that exist within societies urban spaces by
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