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Artist Statement:

As humans, we cannot escape our bodies. They are with us at every decision we make and they are something we all share. My vision is to use creativity as a way to create kinder, more interconnected and better considered communities. Communities where we feel open to talk, share, learn, inspire and be heard and spaces where we feel valid, able to contribute and where we can all become artists. My vision is to facilitate space for people’s stories to be captured, for their experience and knowledge to be shared and for people to discover both their own uniqueness as well as their power to contribute positively to communities. 

I utilise my knowledge of the body to collaborate with other disciplines, fields, people and artists to develop modular projects that feed my vision. At the core is a desire to create group situations that facilitate individual journeys and learning and that use movement to instigate new levels of consideration, understanding and connection to others, our communities and the changing world around us. 

KDE Dance Vision: 

We create to generate opportunity for choreography, the body and the digital to connect people, spaces, ideas and experiences in a world where we believe connection should be nurtured more. 

With digital interaction and communication increasingly infiltrating everything we do, we work to explore its relationship to the body and mind, investigating how these two mediums can work together to bridge gaps in communication and connection, humanise technology, relook at and question ideas and to better understand how we relate to ourselves and others. At the heart of all we do is a desire to bring our work to non-traditional performance and creative spaces, to both those who have already had experience of and those who have not yet of choreography and to ensure that our work is increasingly accessible. We champion the idea that within the right environment, anyone can be creative and connect with others.  




We work to ensure all contexts for choreography, the digital and human interaction have been uncovered for everybody to access. We do this through:
  • Creating live collaborative choreography, audio participatory works and dance on screen,
  • Producing projects that develop artists and bring communities together,
  • Delivering creative education outreach programmes for a variety of ages and contexts. 

Digital Tattoo: Photography by Luke Lebihan

Our mission is to harness every opportunity choreography and the digital create for connecting people, spaces and experiences within a world where we believe connection should be nurtured more.
Generating unique, modular and tourable amalgamations of choreography, the digital and human interaction we celebrate, question and excavate the world around us with a desire to creatively realise projects and works that are accessible, informative, relevant, enjoyable and educational for both those new to and those who have already found their love of the arts.
We do this through working with partners who share similar interests including the following support and partnerships:
  • Arts Council England National Lottery
  • Point Associate Artist: 2018 - 2019,
  • Studio Wayne McGregor QuestLab Network Artist,
  • Motus,
  • South East Dance (Emerging Artist 2015 -2016),
  • Screen South,
  • Brighton Dance Network (Featured Artist 2015 - 2017),
  • DanceEast
  • Schools

Virtual You, Photography by Katie Dale-Everett Dance

We are always open to collaborations that help us to use art to:
  • Celebrate the richness of humanity and how this can be used as a force for good.
  • Connect people within a world where we believe connection is not nurtured enough.
  • Challenges others and ourselves to question the world from new perspectives.
    "An amazing artists, embracing fully the importance of a new technological generation. Katie Dale-Everett Dance brings a fresh approach to dance and our identity in the world today!”  Zoie Golding, ZoieLogic Dance Theatre 

More Testimonial

Starting, Photography by Sarah Kemball

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and are open to discussing new projects. Please feel free to get in touch.
Email: katie@katiedale-everettdance.co.uk
Instagram: @katiedaleeverettdance and @kdedance_opportunities
Facebook: /KDEDance
Linkedin: katie-dale-everett
Twitter: @KatieDEdance

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