Sian Cannell

Project Assistant

Sian really likes admin! She has worked for over 18 years’ as an administration professional and advisor across various industries including education. She enjoys working in environments that have a strong link to the local community and that can make a difference.

What do you love most about KDE Dance:
I like that KDE Dance works in a collaborative, community focussed and immersive way to encourage people to think about dance and performance in new ways.

If KDE Dance was a theme tune which one will it be:
Probably something like Laurie Anderson, Songs for Lines/Songs for Waves. For the performance, multi-faceted and forward thinking style. That perhaps some people won’t get but the ones that do are intrigued by it.

What is your favourite performance or show?
Hofesh Shechter’s Clowns by Rambert – especially when it’s outside in a sunny field at a festival.

Fun fact:
As a performer I once performed to some A-list British stars!