Kabecca Films is a creative partnership between Co-Artistic Directors; Katie Dale-Everett and Rebecca Dale-Everett

Kabecca Films exists to push for equality in the representation, treatment, and consideration of women within the arts and beyond. They do this by sharing the real narratives of women through film and dance.

The organisation works intimately with contributors to explore their lives and how dance can support them to improve their physical and mental well-being. This work is then shared within various communities placing the stories of women over 50 at the heart of the conversation. 

This partnership provides an opportunity to explore real people’s true stories through an artistic and creative lens. Drawing upon Rebecca’s documentary and television background and Katie’s dance and arts network, Kabecca Films finds different and layered ways to implement choreography in film and stories. As a result, their projects lead to reaching audiences that do not traditionally attend dance shows or often hear the perspectives of women.


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