Harley Kilburn

What do you love most about KDE Dance:
I love how it is blurring art forms – utilising dance and new technologies – in an approachable and
accessible way. Bringing projects to different communities and encouraging everyone to get

If KDE Dance was a theme tune which one will it be:
Not a theme tune but a song I return to time and time again – Deerhunter’s ‘Desire Lines’. I love the
idea of creating a new path from the standard expected route. I feel that is what KDE Dance does so
well – building a new path between dance and new technologies in an innovative and exciting way.

What is your favourite performance or show?
The Sensemaker by the contemporary dance collective Woman’s Move founded by choreographers
Elsa Couvreur and Iona D’Annunzio. I was lucky enough to get to see this during Brighton Fringe a few
years ago and I loved how it mixed dance and theatre.

Fun fact:
I play bass in a band called Raised On Replicas. Growing up, the likes of Kim Gordon and Kim Deal
were my musical bass playing heroes, so I try and channel a bit of their independent and creative
energy into everything I do. I’m excited that I’ll be seeing both of them play at different festivals this