“Katie’s work has stood out from others working in the field of dance & technology in that she has a natural authentic approach to amalgamating the two. Digital is so embedded in her processes that there is a very satisfying & effortless result with the form of dance as a fertile bed of exploration. We have been fascinated by her thinking & look forward to her developing career.” Sacha Lee, Artistic Director, The Point
“An amazing artists, embracing fully the importance of a new technological generation. Katie Dale-Everett Dance brings a fresh approach to dance and our identity in the world today!” Zoie Golding, ZoieLogic Dance Theatre
“Katie Dale-Everett Dance presents a well crafted programme of digital dance works which marry both the digital and dance in a sophisticated way that is highly executed by her dancers.”The Point, Vicki Hargreaves, Dance Development Manager
“Katie was a participant on our emerging artists programme 2015/2016 and continues to receive ongoing support from South East Dance in her development as an artist, showing a great deal of exceptional ability and dedication to her practice. We have been consistently impressed with the artistic quality of Katie’s work, which is borne out by the support of a growing range of funders and commissioners, including Arts Council England and Channel 4. Alongside our programme, Katie is supported by Otherplace Productions and is a Brighton Dance Network (an artist-led organisation providing professional dance activities within Brighton) Featured Artist as well as co-programmer. We hope that by supporting her at this stage of her career, we can enable her to further her dynamic performance production as she goes on to make a valuable long-term contribution to the dance/arts sector.” South East Dance, Jamie Watton, Artistic Director/CEO
“I really loved and enjoyed the lesson and I hope we can do this lesson again.”  Student,     St Pauls Catholic School
“Working as a dramaturg to Katie Dale-Everett was an absolute pleasure. She is a choreographer who is able to develop and balance different performative elements (dance, film, animation, design, narrative and direction)efficiently and without it being too explicit or signposted.
Audiences young and old respond well to her work, but I am particularly excited by the way her recent show ‘Digital Tattoo’ spoke to the 14-24 year age group.In my experience, it isn’t often the case that this group of young people get specifically addressed by such sophisticated and accomplished choreography.” Lou Cope, Dramaturg
“From working with Katie during her Digital Tattoo performance development, I experienced a valuable insight into the production and rehearsal process of a live performance work; meeting with different collaborators and industry experts, as well as watching her create the piece. Shadowing Digital Tattoo influenced my understanding of interdisciplinary art performance, and as a mentor, Katie was very supportive of my own practice development.” Jemima Fahy, Placement Student
“I’ve really enjoyed Katie’s classes. I love her choreography, it feels so nice to dance.” Helli Mason, Marina Studios Open Level Contemporary Class Student
“I worked with Katie on her Screen South Ignition Random Acts Network Commission ‘Digital Tattoo: Artefact 1’. I was the Executive Producer for Fly Film on behalf of Screen South and worked closely with her during the pre-production, production and post-production of her film. I was extremely impressed by her. She is hard working, proactive and collaborative. She is able to communicate her vision and is very talented. I would highly recommend her.” Kate Ogborn, Executive Producer