Goldsmiths Mocap Streamer Collaborative Innovation Showcase


We are bringing our work ‘Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy’ back to London on the 15th of June as part of the ‘Goldsmiths Mocap Streamer Collaborative Innovation Showcase’. Book for free here.

The day will consist of demos, workshops, and performances. All work is informed by innovation in motion-capture exploration of avatar embodiment, communication, and interaction in shared virtual spaces. This event will be of interest to dance professionals, creative technologists, and anyone interested in emerging immersive performance practices.

1. Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy – a live installation performance with connected interactive workshops by Katie Dale-Everett Dance. Playscape is an immersive performance installation performed by dancers or played with by participants that combines dance, motion capture technology, and visuals to open-up new possibilities for physical, social and digital connection between people.

2. DISCORDANCE live dance performance and VR experience by Clemence Debaig of Unwired Dance Theatre – Exploring themes of belonging, multi-identities, otherness and the search for human connection, DISCORDANCE is a one-of-a-kind hybrid performance featuring dancers in London and New York connected in real-time, using motion capture and VR.

3. Digital Dance Studio – demo and workshop of a digital dance compositional software tool created by Alexander Whitley Dance Company. An innovative user-focussed immersive software app for digital choreographic composition, planning, teaching, learning, and rehearsal. It offers a simple and intuitive immersive interface for creation and manipulation of choreographic sequences in virtual space.

4. Designing Avatars and Interactions for Diverse Movement Expression – Hosted by research collaborator and art director of Figural Bodies, Neal Coghlan, this demo and workshop is a showcase of the different avatars created during the Mocap Streamer project and residencies programme according to a diversity of professional, cultural and disability needs. Participants will gain an understanding of how the design process works for each character type, from the initial 3D sketches through to the working, mo-capped models and the unique interactions that accompany each one.