We focus on creating positive impact through projects that inspire change, big and small, in individuals, groups and communities. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we support people to improve their mental and physical wellbeing through dance, verbatim theatre and emergent technologies, such as motion capture and VR.

Led by Artistic Director, Katie Dale-Everett, we collaboratively work with real people and their experiences to investigate how we can use the arts to develop their wellbeing and sense of community. A big part of this is facilitating space for people to grow, learn, develop, participate, contribute, be surprised and wonder.

We use creativity as a way to create kinder, more interconnected and better considered communities where we can all become artists. These communities create environments where people feel open to talk, share, learn and be inspired.

Our Vision

  • To enable everybody to have more equal opportunity in everything they do.
  • To inspire and develop individuals, groups and communities through interaction and involvement with creativity.
  • To get everyone to play again.
  • To create kind and connected communities.

Our Mission

We commit to working with dance and new technologies to create unique moments for people to connect,  whilst improving their mental and physical wellbeing. We do this by: 

  • Spending time with our participants and audiences to create environments that feel co-owned and accessible. We know that for a lot of the people who engage with our work, the smallest engagement may be a huge step for them and we celebrate all of this. We create creative initiatives so that people can meet us where they are and aim to support their growth, confidence and next steps.
  • Seeking partnerships with organisations and people who have an invested interest in people’s wellbeing and connection to communities.
  • Providing spaces for new experiences outside of traditional theatre settings.
  • Welcoming people into our creative process.
  • Keeping up to date on how technology and the arts are informing wellbeing services.