Presented as two twenty-five minute works, programmable together or independently made for young people, Virtual You brings into question how we utilise social media and our online presence.

We now live in a world where each new generation grows up in an increasingly more digital society, further impacted by the pandemic. 

How True is the You, You Present to the World?: Utilising creative shadow work, this visually beautiful option explores image, communication boundaries, emotions, social pressures and real and virtual relationships.

How Far Would You Go to be Liked?: Inviting audience interaction, this option explores how we interact and influence each other and what our desire to be liked might make us do.

Both works ask its audience to consider their own and others' online communications and how this impacts their wellbeing, decisions, present and future.


Creative Team

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Katie Dale-Everett (Katie Dale-Everett Dance)

Composer: Felicity Giles

Costume: Suzi Everett

Dancers: George Fellows and Claire Hackston

Dramaturg: Miranda Laurence 

Lighting Design: Timothy Slater 



Supported and Funded by

Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants

The Point’s Associate Artist Scheme


Adjustments by MÓTUS

Castle View Academy

Magpie Dance and The Point