Providing people with the tools to be able to unlock their creativity and engage with dance is an important part of the work that we carry out at Katie Dale-Everett Dance. We approach each opportunity to work with communities and other professionals as a chance to empower them in their own skill and meet people where they are so that we can support their growth, confidence and next steps in the arts. 

We can provide: 

  • Meaningful educational outreach in connection to each of our works 
  • Creative and repertoire workshops 
  • Regular classes 
  • Talks 
  • Student placements and/or mentorship

We have delivered work in many different settings including: 

  • Colleges, primary and secondary schools
  • Universities (BA & MA)
  • Charities
  • Organisations (creative and corporate)
  • Social care (care homes and children's homes)
  • Inclusive dance companies
  • Youth centres 
  • Professional classes and NPO’s workshop programme
  • and many more...

We commit to approaching all that we deliver in an inclusive way that can meet all participants’ preferred way of learning, whether that is auditory, visual, kinesthetic, reflective. We understand that each participant’s learning style, emotional state, personalities and abilities all affect their needs on any given day and we will respond to this. 

Interested in working with us? Get in touch today:

We offer: 

  • Tailor made educational workshops programmes including one off, full day and multi-day workshops
  • Mentoring and placement opportunities 
  • Curtain raisers/choreographic commissions 
  • CPD for teachers 
  • Workshops in generating interactive and participative 
  • Dance and technology workshops
  • Cross-disciplinary dance workshops 
  • Talks on our practice and the company 
  • Piece specific engagement opportunities including performances in non-traditional settings 
  • Workshops that feed into the GCSE/A-Level/BTEC syllabus and schemes of work 

All workshops can be adapted to the level of the group and your requirements.

Please note, we have enhanced DBS on update service and are a member of Equity. We have public liability insurance. 

Mental Health First Aider Badge: White & Green