Bridging The Cosmos

Explore the wonders of space through art and technology in your school with Bridging the Cosmos. This innovative project brings motion capture technology and dance to primary and secondary schools and is soon to be touring across Surrey with support from Arts Partnership Surrey.

What is Bridging the Cosmos?

This a dynamic fusion of science, art, and technology. The workshops aim to inspire a passion for learning while fostering creativity and collaboration among young learners. Using state-of-the-art motion capture technology, students will embark on a journey through space, exploring celestial bodies, planetary movements, and the vastness of the universe through the lens of dance.

How it works?

Proposed day plan (please note we can make a bespoke package for you on request):

Interactive Workshops

This workshop will be led by company dancers, our Artistic Director, and a technical assistant. The day kicks off with an interactive workshop where students will be introduced to motion capture technology and the basics of dance. They will get hands-on experience with motion capture equipment, allowing them to see the immediate connection between their movements and the digital world.

Creation of Dance Pieces

Students are then guided through the process of creating dance pieces inspired by space and the cosmos. They will work in teams, promoting collaboration and creativity. Tasks will align with scientific principles and involve other forms of more basic technology such as floodlights and props including scarves and stretch material.


The end of the day will culminate in an invitation for parents and the rest of the school to view a motion capture and dance performance followed by a Q&A about our work and working in the creative industries. 

What are the benefits?

  • Enriched Curriculum: Enhance science and art education through a hands-on workshop.
  • Student Engagement: Ignite curiosity and creativity, fostering a love for learning in all students.
  • Inclusive Participation: Catering to diverse learning needs, including opportunities for parental involvement.
  • Community Connection: Strengthen school-community relationships through engaging performances and interactive experiences.


We are able to adapt the workshop based upon access requirements for teachers and schools. Please do advise when enquiring whether you or your class have any access needs.


If your school is interested in participating, please complete the form below. Workshop fees vary depending on your school's location. Schools with over 30% of children receiving free school meals are eligible for a subsidy.

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