Digital Tattoo Katie Dale Everett Dance

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Digital Tattoo Katie Dale Everett Dance

Insight into the first week of the redevelopment of Digital Tattoo

Event – Digital Tattoo

WHAT IF OUR ONLINE INFORMATION WERE DIGITAL TATTOOS? WHAT WOULD YOURS SAY ABOUT YOU? WOULD YOU WISH FOR THE RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN? It has been proposed that our digital information will last longer than we will ourselves in the flesh. The average person spends 8 hours and 41 minutes


Digital Tattoo – Dance and Visual Art at The Basement

IMAGE: John Hunter Katie Dale-Everett brings her interdisciplinary film and dance performance Digital Tattoo to Brighton’s Otherplace at The Basement this week. Working across artistic mediums, Dale-Everett incorporates her interest in the themes of authorship and identity, as she explores the transience of our online personas in an increasingly fragmented

volunteer_katiedaleeverett-Digital Dance

Volunteer Katie Dale-Everett

(UK) April – June 2015 About Katie Katie Dale-Everett is a freelance dance artist working within the fields of choreography, teaching and performing. Within her work, she seeks to practically and theoretically investigate the definitions of the terms ‘documentation’ and ‘authorship, exploring how time and intertextuallity affect the reading of


Can an adult enjoy a show made for kids? By Katie Dale-Everett

Can an adult enjoy a show made for kids? If it is ‘Chotto Desh’ presented by Akram Khan Company and MOKO Dance then the answer is most probably yes. Joining together text, animation, dance and props, the adapted version of Khan’s ‘DESH’ (2011), takes its audience on a magical journey,


Cassy Fry – Dance Review: Digital Tattoo

Can you imagine wearing your web presence on your flesh? Having Facebook photographs and Google searches imprinted on you for all to see? What if your body was confronted by the permanence of your online data? Choreographer Katie Dale-Everett uses the theme of digital identity in her latest work – Digital Tattoo.


Guest blog from resident artist Katie-Dale Everett

It has been proposed that our digital information will last longer than we will ourselves in the flesh. The average person spends 2 hours and 25 minutes per day using social networks, 80% of people use their mobiles to update their online identity on Twitter whilst on the move and

Lou Cope – Postcards From The Outside Of The Inside

Well, I guess the beginning has begun! I’ve made my first steps into the world of South East Dance and all the artists they support. Introductions have been made, hopes have been shared and the initial questions that start any process I work on have been asked. As a dramaturg,

Digital Tattoo

Digital Tattoo Tribe Magazine

tribe: When did you first come up with the concept for Digital Tattoo? Digital Tattoo: The concept for Digital Tattoo is an idea that I have been working on for quite some time. Whilst at university, I originally came across a Ted Talk of the same name by academic Juan


Pact with Pointlessness – Written by Katie Dale-Everett

‘Pact with Pointlessness’ by Wendy Houstoun Brighton Dome Studio Theatre Tuesday 14th April 2015, 8pm. What do you expect when you are told that you are going to see a work called ‘Pact with Pointlessness’? A random assortment of comical nonsense? Clowning on stage? A work which will be enjoyable in the