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Free workshop: Digital Footprints

Digital Footprints: Unravelling the Mysteries of Our Digital Identities

Join Our Project to Explore Your Digital World!

Are you a creative person? Curious about your online history and the impact of your digital footprint? Do you want to learn how your choices on social media affect the environment and your future? Then perhaps you will be interested in our FREE workshop on the 22nd of June 2024.

What the workshop Is About?
Online, offline, what is real? We’re on a mission to unravel the mysteries of our digital identities! We’re interested in how people of all ages are on the forefront of this new technological era, dominated by social media environments. Together, we’ll explore what it means to have a digital history of our online selves and explore creative ways to materialise it. We’ll discover how our actions shape the world around us and explore the environmental side of technology.

Who Are We?
We’re a team of creative minds – Katie, Thomas, and Daisy – here to guide you on this exciting journey! Katie loves digital choreography, Thomas is a wizard with immersive tech, and Daisy is all about meaningful content creation.

What Will We Do?
We’ll organise activities where we’ll meet and connect, to mindmap and share thoughts and ideas.
We’ll get creative and explore our digital footprints through creativity, such as movement, dance and technology.
Explore the impact of our data on the cloud and therefore the environment.
Consider what we want to share via social media going forward and why.

Why are we running this workshop?
Katie, Thomas and Daisy have received seed funding by the NCACE Mirco-Commission to begin to explore how their practices can intersect to explore their combined interest in history, personal agency and their shared concerns around cloud storage, and the impact it will have on the environment. This session will be a part of their second day of collaboration.

Why Join?
You will…
Use creativity to explore the groups digital footprint.
Learn about how your digital footprint impacts the environment.
Explore the intersection of technology, art, and society.
Gain valuable insights for your future in the digital age.
Be part of a project that’s all about YOU and your digital identity!

Who Can Join?
If you are eager to explore the world of social media, technology, and creativity, we want YOU on our team! No dance or technical experience is needed, just an interest in the subject matter. Ages 11+. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Workshop Details
Kingston University (location TBC)
Saturday 22nd of June 2024
14.00 – 16.00
Please bring a mobile phone and a charger. If you do not have access to a phone, please do get in touch and we may be able to provide one for the session.

How to Sign Up
Please email using the email subject: DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS WORKSHOP and include:

A short paragraph on why you are interested in joining us.
Let us know if you have any access requirements and we will do our best to support.

We will be providing tea, coffee and biscuits, please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.

Find out more on our instagram page: @digitalfootprintsuk

Watch Our Work

2024 Tour Dates: Performances and Workshops

We are delighted to be going on our:

  • Stanwell Events Multicultural Day: 2nd June 2024: 16.00 – 18.00: Long Lane Recreation Ground, Stanwell, TW19 7ER.
  • Manchester International Literacy Festival: 12th – 16th June.



Work With Us: Apprentice Dancer

We are looking for a Sussex-based ‘Apprentice Dancer’ to join our team!

Find out more via the link below.

Katie Dale-Everett Dance Apprentice Dancer Job Description 2024


Work With Us: Project Assistant

We are looking for a Sussex-based ‘Project Assistant’ to join our team!

18 days @ £125 per day

Flexible hours between February and August with possible extension.

Find out more via the link below.

Katie Dale-Everett Dance_Project Assistant Job Description 2024

Latest news & Articles

Supported by Arts Council England National Lottery funding to build more galaxies in 2024!

We are so excited to share that we are being supported by Arts Council England National Lottery funding to build more galaxies in 2024. 

With this support, we will be exploring how we can develop our motion capture work ‘Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy’ so that it can engage more young people who are not as often involved in scenarios that promote the development of their talent. More details to be announced soon! 

📸 by KDE Dance during a workshop with Spun Glass Theatre.

Get Involved

Autumn Workshops: Get Involved


Stanwell Event’s Fun Day

About: We are pleased to be returning to Stanwell to deliver a dance, creative game and repertoire workshop taking inspiration from our latest work ‘Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy’ as part of Stanwell Event’s Fun Day.

No dance experience is needed and the workshop is free. Drop-in throughout the day is available. Attendance is free and there will be other great family activities to get involved in.

Date: Sunday 1st October 2023

Time: 11.00 – 15.00 (drop-in available)

Age Range: Young people

Cost: Free (no need to book)

Location: Long Lane Recreation Ground, Long Lane, Cordelia Gardens and Cranford Avenue, Stanwell, TW19 7ER

Access: Adaptable for different access requirements.

Getting There: 

  • Buses 203 &442 stop nearby.
  • There is free parking on the surrounding roads and recreational ground car park.

Find Out More: Email:


Magic Moves: Motion Play

About: Is dancing something you enjoy, and do you also have an interest in technology and/or gaming? If this sounds like you, you will love our latest workshop with Katie Dale-Everett Dance, ‘Motion Play.

This workshop for 9-14-year-olds is based on their latest piece ‘Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy’ which combines dance and motion capture technology. Expect to:

  • Get a basic understanding of motion capture technology.
  • Learn movement from the show with Ed Elford, a company dancer.
  • Take part in choreographic creation.
  • Explore various space-inspired landscapes.

Date: Saturday 18th November 2023

Time: 12.30 – 15.30

Age Range: 9-14 years

Cost: £22.50 Early Bird (by 18th October 2023),  £27 after, 20% Sibling Discount

Location: Hanover Community Centre, 33 Southover St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN2 9UD

Access: This workshop can be adapted for participants with SEN. Workshop leaders have SEN facilitation experience, and the workshop can also be suitable with just parts of the suits being worn if needed.

Getting There: 

  • Buses 21, 25 & 18 stop nearby.
  • Train: 17-minute walk from Brighton Station.
  • There is pay-and-display parking on the surrounding roads.

Find Out More and Book: Here


Mini Playhouse Workshops:


About: Follow Gabby and Ed’s space exploration adventure as they discover and learn about the universe. We’ll build space junk, dance on the moon, and create new moves. (Participants do not wear motion capture suits).

Date: Sunday 19th November 2023

Time: 10.00 – 11.00

Age Range: 3-6 years

Cost: £5

About: Do you ever dream of wearing a motion capture suit? This is your chance! In pairs, team up to explore different space-inspired landscapes and create your own universe. Motion capture suits will be worn by the performers. (Participants do wear motion capture suits).

Date: Sunday 19th November 2023

Time: 10.00 – 11.00

Age Range: 7-11 years

Cost: £7

Location: Mini Playhouse, 26 White Rock, Hastings TN34 1JY

Access: Not able to book as a pair? Let us know and we can talk to you about matching you up with another participant! This workshop was made so that people could get to know each other, in particular young people who struggle with communication.

This workshop can be adapted for participants with SEN. Workshop leader Katie has SEN facilitation experience, and the workshop can also be suitable with just parts of the suits being worn if needed. 

Getting There: 

  • Buses 20, 21, 22 & 70 stop nearby.
  • Train: 10-minute walk from Hastings and  18-minute walk from St Leonards Warrior Square Station.
  • There is pay-and-display parking on the surrounding roads.

Find Out More and Book: Here


Latest news & Articles

Artistic Director Katie is now a Mental Health First Aider!

“It is well established that reduced wellbeing in children and young people increases likelihood of poorer wellbeing in adulthood, which may lead to reduced opportunities and outcomes within work, health and relationships.” (Mental Health Foundation, 2022). We hope, for a future where nobody is at risk of this and aim to be part of the conversation, action and impact helping to reduce this.

This is why Artistic Director Katie has become a Mental Health First Aider.

The course by MHFA England taught knowledge and skills for providing first aid to support people who may be experiencing poor mental health.

We commit to keeping up to date on best practice and to being there for our communities, beneficiaries and team.

Thank you to Active Surrey for supporting us to take this course!


Creating Social Impact Through Technology In Dance – By Producer Frances Livesey

For theatre, alongside its younger (and somewhat better-funded) cousins in television, film and gaming, power lies in immediacy. For the former, this is in one respect quite literal: there is a certain magic in the connection that we find through existing in the same space as the players on stage, just inches from the drama. But in a society ever more digitally-minded, and at the same time plagued by a silent epidemic of loneliness, how can we use theatre together with screen-based technologies to build immediate connection, both with the stories we tell on stage, and with one another?
This drive towards connectivity lies at the heart of our latest project, ‘Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy’ — a dual performance and interactive workshop experience, designed to be taken to young people in community settings. Performers and participants alike collaborate, explore and play within both physical and digital space, in an experience uniting dance, motion capture technology and a game-inspired virtual universe projected onto
surrounding screens. It is a project that also prioritises social impact, with a particular focus on young people impacted by social exclusion. To date its reach includes young people living in sheltered accommodation, children in receipt of free school meals, and young mothers with children in foster care, amongst many others.
Last month, I was invited by Falmouth University to deliver a keynote speech on how at KDE Dance we are using technology and creativity to create a positive societal impact, as part of the Research & Knowledge Exchange segment of their Core Academic & Technical Training. For anyone as unfamiliar with this concept as I once was, knowledge exchange is the practice of taking knowledge generated from academic research, and using this to generate positive economic, environmental or social impact, often through collaborations with external organisations. Falmouth is on a mission ‘to be the leading institution for nexus between creativity and technology’, and having been lucky enough to see a small part of this process in action, it is easy to imagine their success in this endeavour: it was incredibly inspiring to hear about ongoing work on campus and beyond, for example supporting SMEs across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to integrate immersive technologies into their businesses.
‘Playscape’ is of course a product of knowledge exchange itself, having been developed through our residency at Goldsmiths, University of London. It was wonderful to have an opportunity to share our learning from the project, both as an evidenced example of how creative technology can drive positive social impact, and as a testament to how powerful relationships between academia, industry and community groups can be. I was also immensely grateful for the insightful and thought-provoking conversations I was able to have with other speakers and delegates — all of which are invaluable as KDE Dance moves forward with ‘Playscape’ and as an organisation.
Despite having arrived equipped with no less than three different types of sunscreen, I returned to London with not inconsiderable sunburn, but nevertheless a fresh excitement for the future of technology in dance theatre. Watch this space for more from ‘Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy’ and Katie Dale-Everett Dance!
Frances Livesey, Producer
Photo by Steve Tanner

‘Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy’ Phase 1 Outcomes

With the support of the Goldsmith’s Mocap Streamer Residency, Newhaven Grassroots Arts Award and Arts Council England National Lottery Project Funding we set out to answer the following question:

How can we build inclusive digital and movement-based artistic settings where people can contribute toward a shared vision and discover their sense of play and creativity?

This was important to us as we were observing many missed opportunities for meaningful connections on a daily basis within our community and in the communities of those we were working within. We therefore wanted to create something that would help young people who identified as from/who:

  • Low social economic backgrounds
  • Struggled with communication
  • Did not engage in physical activity/dance

to find more confidence in their ability to contribute creativity and playfully to their own environment as well as that of their communities.

This nine month R&D project benefited 1812 people living in areas surrounding Newhaven, Brighton, Staines, Woking, London and internationally.

The project included bringing  performances, workshops and opportunities to contribute to the creative process directly to schools, local youth club and people’s homes enabling us to reach people who face barriers to seeing performances. 10 out of 16 young people we engaged at a performance in Newhaven for example had never been to the theatre before.

We engaged young people aged 4-26 experiencing some or multiple forms of social exclusion. Circumstances included young mothers with children in foster care, those living with mental health challenges, receiving free school meals, in temporary accommodation, within the care system, who have different learning/communicative needs or/and who have identities that have been marginalised incl. people from the LGBTQIA+ community. We also engaged adults and dancers in training wanting to up-skill in digital arts practice who were finding the cost of this training inaccessible .

We are very proud of this project and look forward to delivering phase 2.


Goldsmiths Mocap Streamer Collaborative Innovation Showcase


We are bringing our work ‘Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy’ back to London on the 15th of June as part of the ‘Goldsmiths Mocap Streamer Collaborative Innovation Showcase’. Book for free here.

The day will consist of demos, workshops, and performances. All work is informed by innovation in motion-capture exploration of avatar embodiment, communication, and interaction in shared virtual spaces. This event will be of interest to dance professionals, creative technologists, and anyone interested in emerging immersive performance practices.

1. Playscape: How to Build a Galaxy – a live installation performance with connected interactive workshops by Katie Dale-Everett Dance. Playscape is an immersive performance installation performed by dancers or played with by participants that combines dance, motion capture technology, and visuals to open-up new possibilities for physical, social and digital connection between people.

2. DISCORDANCE live dance performance and VR experience by Clemence Debaig of Unwired Dance Theatre – Exploring themes of belonging, multi-identities, otherness and the search for human connection, DISCORDANCE is a one-of-a-kind hybrid performance featuring dancers in London and New York connected in real-time, using motion capture and VR.

3. Digital Dance Studio – demo and workshop of a digital dance compositional software tool created by Alexander Whitley Dance Company. An innovative user-focussed immersive software app for digital choreographic composition, planning, teaching, learning, and rehearsal. It offers a simple and intuitive immersive interface for creation and manipulation of choreographic sequences in virtual space.

4. Designing Avatars and Interactions for Diverse Movement Expression – Hosted by research collaborator and art director of Figural Bodies, Neal Coghlan, this demo and workshop is a showcase of the different avatars created during the Mocap Streamer project and residencies programme according to a diversity of professional, cultural and disability needs. Participants will gain an understanding of how the design process works for each character type, from the initial 3D sketches through to the working, mo-capped models and the unique interactions that accompany each one.